Scorched Earth Racing

About us

Our team is made up of Simon Kelleway, his long suffering wife - Sara - and a number of experts, specialists and friends who have all helped to make racing a pre war car a reality for us.

So thank you to Roger, Fred, Richard and last - but certainly not least - Jacquie and Yaron for helping to get us this far!

We have been motor racing fans for many years although our main interests have really been Le Mans 24 hours and pre war car racing. Sitting in the stands at the Angouleme Circuit des Remparts in September 2010 we decided that rather than watching, the following year we wanted to be on the track taking part. Notwithstanding a lack of race car and any racing experience whatsoever!

All I can say is that it is easier said than done. Getting the National B race licence was actually the easy part (although having my instructor at Thruxton where I took the ARDS test say "hang on, aren't you the one who's never been on a track before" was quite amusing). More difficult was finding the right car. We test drove a number of cars from a variety of marques but decided on the Riley due to its blend of performance, engineering and style.

Having bought the car we then started to take it apart so that we could see what we really had. This should have been a nice quick exercise however, along with never having raced before, I hadn't got much mechanical engineering experience either (as you can see, this is really turning into a recipe for success, isn't it!) so the quick rebuild turned into a bit of an epic.

However, we made it to our first race meeting in April 2011 at Silverstone, and although we had to withdraw from the actual race we had entered (due to low oil pressures - resolved with a refurbished oil pump), I did manage to get through qualifying and then 30 mins of track time in the VSCC Regularity Trial.

And that was the start of our racing season. In all last year we raced at 6 events; not too bad for a first season.

We are now trying to upgrade the car in order to improve the performance and get a little further up the grid; if the performance upgrades end up slowing us down, at least being my own mechanic I shall know who to blame.

Sara is now competing both on circuit and hill climbs in a 1936 Riley 12/4 Sprite Special.

Simon is also on a diet in a bid to help matters by reducing weight in the car as he is ever mindful of the old adage "to make a car go faster, change the driver"!