Welcome to Curious Squid Web Designs

We are a small Web design company based in Looe, Cornwall and the Lot, South West France specializing in simple, stylish, easy to use Web sites built to your exact requirements.

Web sites are built from scratch so we can create exactly what you need incorporating your choices of colours and styles. Having a Web site built by us gives you total control, so no "pop ups" advertising other peoples products will appear on your site to annoy your viewers!

We specialize in classic car, medical, boating and accommodation / travel web sites but are able to create Web sites for any business or hobby.

We aim to provide you with:

Our pricing is simple allowing you to select a package initially which can be added on to in the future as your business requirements change.

Prices start from just £200 inclusive.

Please phone us to discuss your requirements or email us for a quote.

Remember, your Web site is your window to the world.